Eight Commercial Range

Commercial Range


Eight’s Commercial Range of Touchscreens

Eight can currently deliver touchscreen solutions ranging in size from 10 inches to 15 inches provided minimum order quantities are reached.

TouchOne Commercial 10”

The 10” Touchscreen is purpose built for wall or desk mounting. Its stunning display, built-in PoE, Wall and VESA mount make it perfect for any home or office.
The 10” is still sleek at 247.8mm x 157.5mm x 24mm
10 commercial LED

TouchOne Commercial 10” with LED

This 10” Touchscreen hosts the same exciting features as the standard 10” but boasts an RGB LED ring, perfect home or office.

TouchOne Commercial 13

TouchOne Commercial 13”

The 13” Touchscreen is purpose built for wall or desk mounting. With it’s built-in PoE, cable security cover and VESA mounting, its perfect your meeting room or office.
The 13” is bigger, but still sleek with 410.8mm x 252.9mm x 30.2mm dimensions
TouchOne Commercial 15”
15” HD Touchscreen is purpose built for wall or desk mounting. Built-in PoE, NFC, VESA mounting and a cable security cover, makes the TouchOne 15” perfect for your office.
The 15” is our largest touchscreen and perfect for wall mounting with its dimensions of 386.9mm x 243.8mm x 30.4mm

Quick to install, easy to use

TouchOne’s sleek, slim design offers users an unobtrusive interface when wall mounted and an elegant counter top or coffeee table solution as well.
The device is WiFi enabled and updates are installed with the simple click of a button. The compatability of your existing Apps with any update to the operating system is verified and tested by Eight Development prior to being issued.
The slimline mounting system is quick and easy to install.

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