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Job opportunities for Android UI designers and developers

As our team grows and changes, employment opportunities for UI designers and developers surface from time to time. If you have experience with Android user interface design or development, send your CV to liam.mackie@eightdevelopment.com

Key technologies we work with

No positions are currently available!

Why Work for Us?

We're Kiwi owned with an international reach,looking to change an industry.

New Zealand Owned

No big hairy corporate culture, no fighting through politics just to get your job done. A simple, New Zealand owned startup. We are also not a startup that is hell-bent on growing by 500 staff a year. We value everyone and understand that in order to succeed, we need great people, not a lot of people.

International Reach

Our main customer and partner is a global household name, Fortune 500 company with a long legacy of major innovations. We have the luxury of building products under a prestigious name and having them distributed worldwide.

Change an industry

We are lucky enough to be making great products in an industry that doesn't follow the same innovative culture as the rest of the tech industries. This industry has plenty of opportunity for people who are passionate about putting the customer's experience first to make big changes, and change the way people live their everyday lives.

Wear What You Want

As long as you have some clothes on, we don't care what they are! Whether it's a Tuxedo with a top hat or board shorts, it doesn't matter. We want you on board to help us change an industry, not worry about dry cleaning your suit jacket (unless the Tux is your thing of course!).

We create beautifully simple user interfaces.
 Let’s build something great together.

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