Meeting Room

Meeting Room Solution


Meeting Room Digital Signage accepting any Android App.

Eight can offer all businesses and OEM’s a reliable, economical and elegant digital signage for all of your meeting rooms. Link the sign back to your booking system and the small, good looking sign at the entrance to your meeting room provides full details on which meeting is currently underway, if there have been any changes to room allocation or timings, and if a room requires servicing. The TouchOne can also be used to control conferencing in your meeting room using the Skype or Teams Apps.

More Solutions


Original Equipment Manufacturers can turn to us to provide hardware and interface solutions that meet all of your expectations.


Smart Home solutions are not a fad, and they will only get smarter.


Use a touchscreen as signage in your store or to view your security cameras.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management is now more important than ever.

Meeting Room

Link to your booking system to your meeting room signage.


Manage aspects of your office from security to music to the thermostat.