Technical Support For Resellers

Technical Support For Resellers

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TouchOne Installation

Click here for detailed instructions on installing the 7″ or 5″ TouchOne devices.
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Connecting to WiFi

Learn how to connect your TouchOne device to your local WiFi network
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Assigning Addresses

If an installation requires more than one TouchOne you will need to set each touchscreen to its own address
Mobile Hotspot
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Create Mobile Hotspot

No WiFi available yet? Create a mobile hotspot by following these simple instructions.
over the air
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Over The Air Updates

Over the air updates allow you to keep your TouchOne up to date with the latest version of software.
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Setting The Time

Setting the time can be done during the installation process.
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Bluetooth Pairing

Click here to learn how to pair a TouchOne device using Bluetooth.
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Update Using SD Card

When your devices are offline and you wish to do a manual installation or update, click here to learn how to use the Firmware Update SD Card Tool
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Current Software

You can update your software by clicking here. You can check the software versions loaded on your touchscreen by pressing ‘Settings’ on the home screen, then selecting….