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Somewhere between you and your customers, there’s a huge interaction opportunity.

Using facial recognition instead of a password. Being able to arm a security system without pressing a button. Using Amazon Alexa or Google Home to sell your product or service. Integrating the interaction between your customer and your CRM or billing platform. This is the territory that we occupy: the ever-evolving world of interfaces.

How can we connect you

Touch screen

Interactive touch screen solutions are changing how homeowners and businesses control access, building features and the utility services they use. One device can support multiple interfaces.

Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition

Where a user enters a PIN or swipes a card for access, a facial recognition interface can be applied instead. This technology could give your product or service the market advantage you’re looking for.

Voice Recognition
Voice Recognition

Why should a user walk over to a keypad when they could simply talk to the device they want to command? Blinds up. Lights on. Heating down. Music louder. Voice is the new frontier.

Exceptional security

Our interfaces connect through cloud-based, programmable non-proprietary wireless systems that support the highest level of security. They can be controlled and monitored via a smartphone or a control monitoring station. By going wireless, you’re spared the time, cost and configuration restrictions of a wired system.

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Better energy management

For electricity, gas and water, the customer and business benefits of advanced interface technology are endless. Metering and appliance consumption data can be gathered and transmitted; gas tank levels can be easily monitored and managed; devices can be controlled remotely; and automated sequences of events can be programmed. And that’s just for starters…

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Smarter buildings

Our central control units integrate connected devices – appliances, security systems, heating and cooling, lighting, shading – into one easy-to-use system with a single interface. Smart buildings can be even smarter, because they’re so much simpler to manage.

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Touchscreens in the Metaverse

See the role Touchscreens will take in some of the technological advancements happening right now:

1 June 2022

Source appoints another distributor in Australia

Source Technologies, Australia’s sole distributor of the TouchOne Gen3 Touchsceen has appointed another distributor, to add to their growing list of quality suppliers.

1 June 2022

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