Our Story

Our Story

why eight

Why 'Eight'

As a consequence of the ubiquitous use of number eight wire in New Zealand, remote farms had rolls of number eight wire on hand, and the wire would be used inventively and practically to solve mechanical or structural problems other than fencing.
Accordingly, the term “number eight wire” came to represent the ingenuity and resourcefulness of New Zealanders, and the phrase ‘a number eight wire mentality’ evolved to denote an ability to create or repair machinery using whatever scrap materials are available on hand.
In the same spirit, Eight Development solves human challenges by creating useful, usable user interfaces.

Our History

Founded in 2013 to meet the need for a more intuitive user interface for security systems, Eight Development created the first capacitive touchscreen user-interface for the residential and commercial intrusion security industry in Australasia.

Upon seeing our product, our partner and soon to be foundation client, Bosch, a global household name and Fortune 500 company, took TouchOne and rebranded it for international distribution.

Since then, Eight has sold tens of thousands of user interfaces for the control of technology in buildings around the world, all in service of our one goal:
connecting humans to technology by making the best user interfaces our customers love.

our history
what we do

What We Do

Eight Development is a New Zealand company that designs, engineers, customizes and maintains user interfaces for large companies seeking a faultless interface with touchscreens, mobile devices, digital signage, or other emerging interface devices.
Eight can work with your Product Development Executive to engineer software that smoothly integrates the functionality of your devices with the user friendliness of your desired human interface.
Our world is the point of contact between humans and technology. We combine consumer electronics, wireless technology and software development to create user interfaces that enhance lives, support productivity, assist with compliance, reduce costs and increase business efficiency. While our work is primarily focused on touchscreen platforms, we also create voice recognition and facial recognition interfaces.

What we believe

Make the customer smile

Make the customer smile

We genuinely care about making the users experience with technology so beautifully simple, they smile. Not just when using our product, but from ordering, unboxing, support etc.
Use the number 8 wire mentality

Use the number 8 wire mentality

We embody the number 8 wire mentality and do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it’s not in our JD or we don’t know how.
Always learning and improving

Always learning and improving

It’s never a mistake if you can take a lesson from it. We strive to always learn and always improve. If we see something that can be improved, it’s our responsibility to improve it.
Achieve great things, together

Achieve great things, together

Not just with our own team but with our suppliers, our customers and our customers’ customers, we all work together to achieve great things that put New Zealand on the world stage.

Our customer is the person who uses our products

Our customer is the person who uses our products

Whilst our products touch a number of people before it gets in the hands of our end users, focusing on the end users smile first will put a smile on everyone else’s face too.

What we can do for you

Eight can minimize the time and cost of getting an effective interface for the management, metering or monitoring of your goods and services.
We may also be able to provide access to our existing user database for sell-in opportunities.
If your resources are limited, Eight can introduce you to its existing Android touchscreen platform to wirelessly support multiple control apps. There are tens of thousands of these control units already installed through Bosch Security’s global reseller channels giving you potential to expand your customer base. If you’re interested in this proposition, talk to us about how it works.
Our interfaces connect through cloud-based, programmable non-proprietary wireless systems that support the highest level of security. They can be controlled and monitored via a smartphone or a control monitoring station. By going wireless, you’re spared the time, cost and configuration restrictions of a wired system.
what we can do for you

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