OEM Solutions

OEM Solutions

close up tablet with smart tv control

TouchOne is perfect for when you need to demo your app based product.

With TouchOne’s non descript styling, your product will be the front and centre of the demonstration.

TouchOne’s many mounting options make it perfect for a showroom or exhibition environment without concern of your expensive mobile phone or tablet getting lost, stolen or running out of battery.

Original Equipment Manufacturers can turn to Eight to provide hardware and interface solutions that meet all of your expectations at a much lower cost than you could achieve in house.
Eight has been fully commercialized and offers proven third party support, a three-year warranty, an extraordinarily low fault rate, an eight-year track record with a Fortune 100 company, and a very competitive price.
Where will your App live? Will it be more prominent in the User’s purse or pocket, or in pride-of-place on the wall of the main passage in their house, standing sentry in your reception area, or at critical way-points in a secure workplace such as a factory or worksite?
An App residing on a smartphone in someone’s pocket, somewhere, does nothing to keep your product at the forefront of a user’s mind. TouchOne keeps your App in plain view, all the time, and acts as a passive sales device.
TouchOne does not change how your App interacts with its Users. Eight simply proposes that you include the sleek, TouchOne control screen, branded with your name, preloaded with your App, and maintained by Eight at all times.
We at Eight know all about the angst and time it takes to find reliable electronics manufacturers and keep them honest. Your TouchOne devices will be delivered fully configured with your latest, proven App. It can have multiple language options. The operating system uses embedded Android, meaning that Android cannot simply change their operating system and make your App inoperative. All security patches and upgrades are undertaken by Eight Development on behalf of all of its global clients at the same time. The patches are delivered through the Cloud.
It’s everything you need.

Benefits of OEM


Reduce time to market

By utilising our existing and proven hardware platform, you can build your product fast.

Purpose built for wall and desk mounting

Means power and data connections are not visible and installation is fast and easy.

Custom Connectivity Co-Processor

Provides reliable communication to other devices, even with strict timing requirements.


Over-the-air updates are easy to manage

Use Google Play to deploy updates for public apps, or our OTA solution for private apps.

Looks and feels like your product

TouchOne is packaged in boxes you design, with literature and product labels you provide.

More Solutions


Original Equipment Manufacturers can turn to us to provide hardware and interface solutions that meet all of your expectations.


Smart Home solutions are not a fad, and they will only get smarter.


Use a touchscreen as signage in your store or to view your security cameras.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management is now more important than ever.

Meeting Room

Link to your booking system to your meeting room signage.


Manage aspects of your office from security to music to the thermostat.