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Smart Home solutions are not a fad, and they will only get smarter.

The potential for smart devices in energy saving, security and personal safety far outweighs the novelty of being able to close the garage door from your bike, and they are all controlled by ‘Apps’.
Apps have become such a pervasive part of modern life that between the number of Apps available and their constant notifications, we have started to grow weary of them, rather than excited by them. This phenomenon is called ‘App Fatigue’, and it is a very real issue that manufacturers and resellers must address.
With our phones now serving as mailboxes, clocks, calendars, weather bureaux, calculators, newspapers, radios, cinemas, shopping baskets, cameras, filing cabinets and photo albums we have to get creative about how we deal with App Fatigue.

As manufacturers, we all have tunnel vision when it comes to OUR specific Smart device. A smartphone is only there to handle three things; phone calls, text messages and OUR App – right!?! Sadly, very wrong.

An App is an integral part of any Smart device’, and that is completely true. The question that needs to be addressed is: ‘Should the App be an integral part of the homeowner’s smartphone?’
TouchOne gives homeowners a central control panel that organizes all Smart Home Apps so they can be accessed by anyone in the house. Certain Apps will also be loaded on individual smartphones for remote access but having everything in one place, connected to power with battery backup, means that TouchOne is always acting as guardian.
Those hesitant about the vast array of Smart devices on the market, and how to control them, can take comfort in the fact that TouchOne comes configured with all popular compatible Apps which Eight keeps up to date – making it easy for homeowners to choose the TouchOne.

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Smart Home solutions are not a fad, and they will only get smarter.


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